Is Your Child Ready for Dance Class?

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Kids love to dance and for most children they take to it like a duck on water but for others the experience can be quite difficult. One question I am asked as a dance teacher is ‘Do you think my child is ready for dance class?’ I always suggest to give it a go and keep trying.

Keep in mind that readiness for dance, or any other activity, is presented differently from child to child and these suggestions should only be taken as a guide.

You have found a dance school but your child hasn’t exactly bounded into the room or completing all activities to the best of their abilities. Please remember, that is completely ok.

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Keep attending class if;

- Your child walks into the classroom independently,

- Your child participates when they are invited to join in activities,

- Your child watches the teacher and other student intently,

- Your child takes a prop and uses it when asked,

- Your child participates in certain activities they find intriguing,

- Your child talks about dancing or recreates the activities at home.

- Your child watches other dances with excitement.

Sometimes it doesn’t always go to plan and you may need to make changes if;

- Your child cries on the way to class and it doesn’t stop after 3 to 4 weeks,

- The teacher has to take your child crying from your arms after 3- 4 weeks,

- Your child is irritable due to the class is held at nap-time or at the end of the day,

- Your child is aggressive to the teacher or other students,

- Your child runs to the door and tries to exit the class after 3-4 weeks,

- Your child is distracting or upsetting other students in the class,

What can those changes be?

- Attend a class on a different day and/or time,

- A different teacher and/or studio that is better suited to your child,

- Try a parent and child class and join in with them,

- Give the child a few months before trying again.

Don’t forget to work with the teacher. A supportive parent who is willing to work with the teacher will only benefit the child.

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