How to Create the Perfect Ballet Bun

As part of the uniform all ballet students are required to come in appropriate attire, including their hair up in a ballet bun. Ballerinas feel the part when they are correctly dressed and it is also demonstrated discipline, which is an important aspect of ballet. We would appreciate your help to make your child look like a ballerina.

What you will need

Hair brush

Long handled comb

Hair elastic


Hair gel

Hair net

Hair pins

Bobby pins

A ballet bun generally sits in the centre of the back of the head and is not visible from the front.


  1. Brush all the hair towards the centre back of the head. Gather the hair into a tight ponytail and secure with an elastic band, ensuring that there are no bumps.

  2. Twist the hair into a coil and in the same direction, twist the coil around the based of the ponytail (at the elastic).

  3. Then place 3-4 hair pins around the bun to secure it, without taking your hands off the bun.

  4. Place a hairnet over the bun. At this stage, you can make any adjustments to the shape of the bun. A finished bun should be round and even in shape, and sit smoothly against the head.

  5. Secure your bun with french pins & lose hair with bobby pins.

  6. Spray with hairspray.

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