Valerie Smith


Valerie Smith was born in England and commenced dancing at the age of 5 years in a hall in North London - tap,acrobatics and elocution was her introduction to the theatre world.At 9 years of age Valerie was accepted into the first and now famous Performing Arts School in Piccadilly Circusnin the heart of Londons West End - Italia Conti Stage Show. Initially as a part time student from 9 years and then as a full time student from 12-16 years. During this period many film, radio, theatre and television performances were part of her education - she was well known as a child actress.

The Following 7 years were spent touring the British Isles in musicals, pantomines and summer seasons using all the skills needed to be a -TRIPLE THREAT!- to act, sing and dance. In 1965 during a 6 month visit to Australia, Valerie worked on a cruise ship and then appearing on Channel 7's daily television show "Time for Terry" with Olivia Newton-John and Ian Turpy.
Back in England the film of "Oh What A Lovely War" and 6 London West End Musicals were added to her resume. Finishing with "Fidler on the Roof" at Her Majesty's Theatre, Haymarket she met her husband Duncan Dunn
In 1969 Valerie returned to Sydney with Duncan and she began work on a weekly television variety production "Tommy Leonitti Show" for Channel 7 and Channel 9 "Sound of Music". The following years were filled with Cabaret, Revue, Musicals, working with Humphrey B Bear and much more.
Sadly Duncan passed away in 1977 leaving children Lucinda and Cameron.
Teaching commenced in the late 70's in Glenrose shopping Centre, then Davidson Scout Hall in 1991 and back to Glenrose in 1996. In 2007 made the final move to Aquatic Drive in the fabulous studios that the Valerie Smith Stage School is now located.

A wonderful career - which certainly is not over yet!