Miss Jen

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Jennifer grew up on the Northern Beaches and has been dancing at the Valerie Smith Stage School since she was 8 years old learning numerous styles. In 2017 Jennifer became Acrobatic Arts Certified and is looking forward to teaching the new Acro classes at VSSS. She has completed exams in JCDA jazz, FATD tap and FATD modern. Jennifer has also competed in many eisteddfods for jazz, contemporary, modern, musical theatre and tap.

She started teaching in 2003 and owes VSSS for all that she has learnt. Predominantly a Hip Hop teacher, Jennifer works at numerous dance studios and primary schools around the north shore and northern beaches. Teaching various styles including jazz, lyrical and acro. Inspired daily by all the dancers and students around her, Jennifer works to share her passion for dance and bring out each students individual style.

Jennifer is very excited to be apart of this years dace tour. The Valerie Smith Stage School is heading back to the USA to perform and participate in workshops, in Disneyland and around LA. Over the years she has continued to go to workshops and learn from leaders in the industry. In 2017 Jennifer travelled to New York and Los Angeles taking in as much inspiration and knowledge as she could to bring back to her students.
Jennifer not only has a passion for dance but the creative world and is also the studios graphic designer.

Teaches: Acro, Hip Hop, Strength & Conditioning