Our studio's history


The photo of Lucinda Dunn from which the original logo was designed.


The original logo for the Valerie Smith Stage School

The Valerie Smith Stage School (VSSS) was established in the Glenrose Shopping Centre in the late 1970’s, collaborating with the Glen St Academy.

In 1991 VSSS moved to it’s second home, the Belrose Scout Hall in Davidson. While at the scout hall, not only did the students bring their dance shoes, they also brought along a log for

the fireplace, where toasting marshmallows was an integral part of the classes, together with climbing the stairs, to get to the loft for their Barre work.

scout hall

Tap students doing barre work

scout hall 2

All hands on deck making end of year costumes

scout hall

Mismith in her outdoor office and toasting marshmallows

It was during this time that VSSS decided to expand its dance styles and started competing in Eisteddfods.
The scout hall also holds a special place in the hearts of a few of our teachers. For Miss Michelle, Miss Laura, Miss Rachael

& Miss Jen it was their introduction to VSSS and for Mrs Moly it was at the scout hall where she decided to start her dance teaching career and the rest we can say is dancing history.
The school continued to grow and in 1996 the school, moved back to

Glenrose Shopping Centre,and shared the facilities with Jenny Ham.
Studios 2 & 3 became VSSS’ permanent home and after a few years MiSmith had to installed shelves to show off the schools many successes.


Our Studios at Glenrose

glenrose 2

Mismith's corner office

glenrose 3

Miss Laura trying on an Eisteddfod jacket

It was at the Glenrose when Miss Cassie, Miss Nardia, Miss Koto, Miss Morgan, Miss Emily & Miss Ashleigh joined the VSSS family and have helped with school ever since.
Glenrose also saw history being made when VSSS’s first

Hip Hop classes were added to the timetable. Less than a year later and due to popular demand BOYS ONLY Hip Hop classes were scheduled and being one of the first dance schools on the northern beaches to do so they were very popular.


The start of BOYS only Hip Hop at VSSS

With the anticipated renovation of Glenrose Shopping Centre, Miss Smith started the exhausting search for VSSS’ next home. After much searching Miss Smith found the ideal location for the school, a place large enough for Miss Smith to make her original dream for her school a reality..

In 2007 VSSS moved to our current studios in Aquatic Drive, Frenchs Forest. We now boast 3 air conditioned studios, 2 dressing rooms (Junior & Senior), Office, Kitchenette, Girls and BOYS bathrooms and a timeout room, for parents and students to sit a relax while on break from classes.

Coinciding with the move was the introduction of ballet at VSSS, the final piece in Miss Smith’s dream.
The school now has approximately 400 children dancing over 7 styles of dance, and Mismith couldn’t be happier.

“ I have found my retirement village” Mismith

aquatic drive

The start of ballet at Our Aquatic Drive studio

aquatic drive

The big move to Aquatic Drive

aquatic drive

Mismith showing how it is done